Finals at the first National Selection Regatta of 2022

Yohann Rigogne
Yohann Rigogne - Vesper HP Team Head Coach

Finals at the first National Selection Regatta of 2022 for Vesper HP team

Gaby and Sophie battled in the F final and we saw Sophie take second place and Gaby third in that final.

Emma had a good last race and claimed the second spot in the E final.

Charly and Julia in a compact D final, took respectively 3rd and 5th in that race.

Cristina after a really intense effort, finished 3rd in the C final and Kate was able to secure the 5th spot. Shirley, also in the C final for the men, did a really strong sprint, again, and finished 4th.

Eva, in the lw1x B final, wasn't able to push the other girls around too much and finished 3rd in that race.

Solveig raced really well in the lw1x A final, finishing 4th. Promising result for the future.

Dominique, after one of the best racing plan in the semi finals of the regatta, created the show once again in the A final, by making moves early in the race and keeping his ground to the finish and taking the 3rd place of the race. The A final was only composed of Olympians and national team athletes and is for sure Dominique's best first step in elite rowing.

Overall a good and exciting selection regatta for Vesper HP group!




Dom 3rd

Shirley 16th


Solveig 4th

Eva 9th


Pretto 15th

Horvat 17th

Forman 21st

Lonchard 23rd

Tierney 26th

Pennoyer 32nd

Thomas 33rd

Go Tigers!

Coach Yohann Rigogne