Month: February 2022

Boat Rack Space

Rack Space at Vesper
In an effort to get organized for a great Spring Season and beyond;  I am asking for Member requests for the following:
1) You want to rent a boat rack and I have not contacted you within the last week regarding the wait list.
2) You currently have a boat at the club but wish to move. Examples: move from outside to inside or get on a Waiting List for the Singles bay.
Please email me at with your requests as soon as possible.
Sally Scott


Vesper Dock Reopening

Effective tomorrow, 2-7-22, the dock closure is canceled.

The ice is gone (but don’t be complacent about a random ice chunk) and the weather is less severe. However, the 4 oar rule remains in effect and remaining cautious is always a good thing!

And get this: Masters Practice is on for Tuesday morning!!!!  Have fun AND be safe!!


Vesper Dock Closed

The Vesper Dock is closed.   No rowing may be attempted due to ice.

The dock will remain closed until further notice.     Everyone cross their fingers for some warmer days soon!

All Together!