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Finals at the first National Selection Regatta of 2022

Yohann Rigogne
Yohann Rigogne - Vesper HP Team Head Coach

Finals at the first National Selection Regatta of 2022 for Vesper HP team

Gaby and Sophie battled in the F final and we saw Sophie take second place and Gaby third in that final.

Emma had a good last race and claimed the second spot in the E final.

Charly and Julia in a compact D final, took respectively 3rd and 5th in that race.

Cristina after a really intense effort, finished 3rd in the C final and Kate was able to secure the 5th spot. Shirley, also in the C final for the men, did a really strong sprint, again, and finished 4th.

Eva, in the lw1x B final, wasn't able to push the other girls around too much and finished 3rd in that race.

Solveig raced really well in the lw1x A final, finishing 4th. Promising result for the future.

Dominique, after one of the best racing plan in the semi finals of the regatta, created the show once again in the A final, by making moves early in the race and keeping his ground to the finish and taking the 3rd place of the race. The A final was only composed of Olympians and national team athletes and is for sure Dominique's best first step in elite rowing.

Overall a good and exciting selection regatta for Vesper HP group!




Dom 3rd

Shirley 16th


Solveig 4th

Eva 9th


Pretto 15th

Horvat 17th

Forman 21st

Lonchard 23rd

Tierney 26th

Pennoyer 32nd

Thomas 33rd

Go Tigers!

Coach Yohann Rigogne

NSR 1 2022 Coach’s Update

Yohann Rigogne
Yohann Rigogne - Vesper HP Team Head Coach

Vesper HP group performed really well in the first couple rounds of the regatta. Thursday, everybody will go on the water to race their finals or the semi finals.

Gaby made it to the F final, Emma and Sophie to the E final.

Julia and Charly were sent to the D final after really competitive  repechages.

Shirley, Cristina and Kate were able to get a spot in the C final. They fought really hard on the rep and represented Vesper against really fast athletes.

Solveig and Eva will have their shot to make it to the A final in the Lw1x, tomorrow during the Semi Finals.

Dominique pulled a really strong race in the repêchage and finishing second, gave him a chance to compete against the other 11 fastest scullers in USA, to try to reach the A final Friday.

Go tiger!

Coach Johann Rigogne

Vesper Dock Closed

The Vesper Dock is closed.   No rowing may be attempted due to ice.

The dock will remain closed until further notice.     Everyone cross their fingers for some warmer days soon!

All Together!


Captains Updates – Marathon, Safety, Thanksgiving

Updates from Vesper Captains

Hi All,


Please keep in mind that the Philadelphia Half Marathon8k, and Marathon are happening this weekend (Saturday and Sunday - see linked course maps), so there will be road closures along the courses between 6am and 2pm on both days. If you plan to row, we would highly discourage you from driving, as access and parking on Kelly Drive and surrounding areas will be very difficult.


  • The days are getting shorter and darker - please ensure that you have bright lights on both ends of your boat prior to launching
  • It's also getting colder and windier - always check the forecast and use common sense before launching!

Thanksgiving Schuylkill Navy Run

Also remembered that I wanted to add a note about the Schuylkill Navy Run, for anyone who is around on Thanksgiving. Registration is through RegattaCentral and ends today at the lower price (late registration is possible). General info is here:


Post Ida Updates – Traffic Changes In Effect Today


Rowing and Paddling Leaders,
Happy Weekend.  Below my signature are important updates for you and your fellow leaders/members:
  1. Safety Cable Absence and Changes to Rules of the River - This will require action for everyone on the river, so PLEASE read.
  2. Update on Debris Removal
  3. Update on East Docks
  4. Heads Up: Dredge Update Meeting, Sat Oct 16 at 10 am, Scrimmage Racing 10/16, Volunteer Work Party Next Weekend
  5. Continued Communication Process
Please let me know if you have questions,
Bonnie Mueller
Commodore, Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia

Safety Curtain Absence and Changes to Rules of the River
The Safety Curtain was removed by AP Construction on September 27.
  • "Restoration" of the Curtain was not possible, as it had to be removed in pieces.
  • The City is now in the early stages of soliciting bids for its replacement; however, we don't anticipate the FEMA funds (necessary to pay for the replacement) to be forthcoming in the short- or medium-term.
The absence of the Safety Curtain creates the need for increased safety measures below the Girard Bridge and changes to our SN Rules of the River.
  • The Coaches and Captains Committees have been meeting to align on these changes.
  • Some clubs have already begun to implement these changes.
  • These changes will officially go into effect on Monday, October 12.
  • The SN Board Delegates will be asked to ratify these temporary changes on Monday, Oct 18.
Update on Debris Removal
Natural tree debris in the river created known obstacles before Ida; and, our post-storm assessments led the City and Schuylkill Navy to request FEMA funding to engage external contractors for the removal. Updates here:
  • During the on-site FEMA visit, they confirmed to me that ONLY debris within 150m of a bridge abutment is FEMA-eligible.
  • Only the owners of the bridges themselves (which, for no bridges, is the City) have any potential responsibility to remove debris.  It is not the case (as some have asked) that the City has jurisdiction / responsibility/ ownership over the removal.
  • Nonetheless, we requested that the City initiate the procurement of external bids for (minimally) the bridge abutments.  An initial bid has been received in excess of $240,000 for the work.
  • We (SN and City ) are actively exploring funding sources for this work; Needless to say, we are also deploying City assets to attempt to engage CSX, Penn Dot, etc.
  • Meanwhile, we're working with PWD to explore potential PWD-River Community partnership to remove elements that are within a "Volunteer-Doable-Scope."
  • Stay tuned.


Update on East Docks
To support the upcoming regattas and teams impacted by the catastrophic loss of eastern upriver docks, the Schuylkill Navy/ HOSR/ PSRA has donated 280' linear feet of our co-owned wooden docks for use by Temple University at EPCH, BLJ Community Rowing at City Dock, Gillin Boat House (St. Joseph's U and St. Joseph's Prep), and Phila Adaptive Rowing.
  • The docks were lifted into place and hooked to a temp Row America ramp at Gillin.
  • We are working with Temple U and the City of Philadelphia to both (a) secure needed fixes to the public ramp at EPCH; and, (b) gain the City's waiver of general liability for this private donation for a City asset.  We're hopeful for both to be completed this week.


Heads Up on Upcoming Dates This Week
  • We will host a Dredge Status Briefing Call next Sat 10/16.  Usual Invitees to That: Pls keep an eye out for my separate Zoom.
  • Sat, Oct 16 would have been the Navy Day Regatta....and several high schools and colleges plan to scrimmage from 9 am - 1 pm.  I'm aware that some Masters may also now want to do so.  If so, reach out and let's try to plan accordingly/ cooperatively.  For now, pls plan to complete all non-scrimmaging practices before 9 am.
  • Working with HOSR (and potentially PSRA), we are also planning for a Volunteer Work Party next weekend.  Stay tuned here.
  • SN Delegates: Reminder that the SN Board Meeting is 10/18.  We'll be hoping for a ratification of the needed, attached temp traffic pattern changes.
  • I'm also still trying to cement a date for CEO Amanda Kraus to visit us.  With the departure of USRowing Chief Domestic Officer Susan Smith last week and our own Schuylkill priorities, it's been difficult to calendar.  Presidents: Stay tuned nonetheless for a possible informal invite.


Continued Communication Process
Your Location/Regatta POCs are listed below.
Thanks for ensuring that your Members and Boards know these names and ask them to route questions/ concerns / requests through them so that we can quickly aggregate and action them in a collective manner (and keep our valuable City partners working efficiently on our behalf).
PCR- Caitlin Mance ; FRA- John Wilhemin PBC - Gene Gallagher, CRESCENT - Troy Madden, BACHELORS- Mike Guerrieri, UBC - Alex Cook , MALTA - Jeff Cutler , VESPER - Jenn Mussio, COLLEGE - Andrew Blum, PENN AC - Chris Reich , UNDINE - John Leonard , PGRC - Blake , SEDGELEY - Joan W (Karen Earley, pending) , PCAS- Jeff McGinnis , SPI- Tommy Leonardi , BLJ - Brannon, GILLIN -Gerry , TEMPLE - Brian Perkins , HRC / WBC - Sybil , CRC- Craig, DVROC - Jim Hanna, HOSR - Jen W, PSRA- Leslie P.