Vesper Leadership Team

Vesper Interior

Vesper Boat Club is led by a group of elected officers and a board of directors. In addition, there is a board of trustees that serves by appointment of the board of directors. Standing committees are typically lead by a member of the board of directors, or an officer of the club.

Elections are held annually in December/January and all members in good standing, with at least two years as a member, are eligible to vote. Officers are elected for a one year term and board members are elected for a two year term, with half of the directorships elected each year.


President: Melissa Hilton
Vice President: Alexandra Golaszewska Kelly
Treasurer: Kathleen Barron
Communications Secretary: Eric Eckstein
Recording Secretary: April Roach
Captain: Sally Scott

Board of Directors:

Jeff Greenfield 2021-23
Veronica Jones 2021-23
Hilary Langer 2021-23
Tony Schneider 2021-23
(Open HP Athlete Seat)
JB Kelly 2022-24
Eileen Normoyle 2022-24
Rica Jerril (completing John Tierney term) 2022-24

Committees, Staff & Volunteers:

Board of Trustees Exec. Sect.: John-david Franklin
Equipment: Dan Hingley
Finance: Kathleen Barron
Fundraising: Tony Schneider
Fundraising Co-Chair/Vesper Gold: John Strotbeck
House: John Tierney
House Manager: Gary Weilgus
Landscaping: Ellen Saint Clair
Membership: Veronica Jones
Men's Locker Room Mgr:: Tom Simon
Organizer Annual Banquet: Bridget Meehan
Racing: JB Kelly
Rentals: MIchelle DuSold
Schuylkill Navy Representative: Catherine Holdsworth
Social: Joseph Pierce
Vesper Dormitory Manager:
Women's Locker Room Mgr: Sally Scott


Asst Coach: Michael Orzolek
Masters Coach: John Leekley