Vesper Gold

Vesper Gold is our highest level of annual giving. We are requesting a commitment of at least $ 1,000 per year, for the four years leading up to the coming Olympics.

Vesper Gold funds are used exclusively to support the Vesper athletes, to fund coaches, purchase equipment, and arrange for travel of the Elite team.

WE NEED your help to reach our goal, and provide the support these athletes deserve. All contributions are 100% tax deductible.

Please contact John Strotbeck for Vesper Gold details, or for the most expedient way to make a donation.

The Charles P. Colgan Vesper Endowment Fund was established by Vesper Boat Club in June 2000, with a bequest from his estate, plus memorial donations to Vesper Boat Club in his honor. The Fund is a perpetual fund, whose investment proceeds are used for the long-term benefit of Vesper Boat Club. The Fund’s Trustees are: Brian Colgan, Kevin Colgan, John B. Kelly III, and Stan Triester.

Fundraising Committee Chair:
Tony Schneider

Charles Colgan

For as little as $350 a brick, you can become a permanent part of the Vesper tradition.

Make an everlasting contribution to the Vesper Boat Club and its Olympic Efforts by having your crew, your name or that of a beloved engraved on a brick on the Vesper Brick Walk.

Corporate and Crew sponsorships are also available—for details of the suggested donations, please visit our bricks donation site.

Donations may be tax deductible.