Equipment Use

Navigation Certification
Purpose: to ensure those launching from the Vesper dock know the Rules of the River, traffic pattern, and which arches to use during normal (non-racing) days, prior to being allowed on the water for new members. This is for all members, scholastic coaches/athletes, and summer coaches/athletes.

Schuylkill River Traffic Pattern

This map illustrates the correct, non-race-day traffic pattern for rowing on the Schuylkill River. Bridge arches with a RED X are off-limits at all times. Bridge arches with a YELLOW X may be used, if necessary, with extreme caution.

Boat Handling Certification
Purpose: to ensure those using club equipment know how to take the boats out of the rack, and put them back without damaging their boat or nearby boats.

How to Become Certified:
The HP Coach will work with the HP group. The Masters Coach will work the Masters group (with assistance from the Captain, and Equipment Committee Chair.

The videos [need to be inserted below] demonstrate how to take the boats from the higher, no-sliding quad racks, and the lower sliding racks.

A list of who has been cleared can be posted in the boat bay.



Equipment Use and Care Expectations
Purpose: to ensure those using any and all club boats will take care of the boats, to extend the life of the equipment.

  • Boats are to be wiped down—including the tracks—after each use
  • Boats are to be washed on the weekends
  • Shells are to be covered with the storage boat covers when returned to the rack
  • Pins are to be covered, on both sides, prior to being returned to the rack
  • Members will need to self-monitor and hold each other accountable for care of all equipment
  • Damage shall be reported by emailing Vesper Captain or equipment co-chair or contacting a coach, and by using the Vesper Equipment Damage Log


Consequences for Non-Compliance With Equipment Care Guidelines

Appearance before the Vesper Boat Club Board if:

  • Damaging a boat without reporting
  • Repeated damage to club equipment
  • Flagrant violation of safety, or code of conduct
  • Causing damage that could have been prevented
  • Members who are not in compliance will not be allowed to row club equipment until boat handling recertification