Vesper Membership

Joining Vesper 2024


Vesper welcomes new member applications. We look for people to join us who have a love of rowing, want to enjoy the racing, community, fulfillment and excitement that our sport offers.

To begin the new member process, please click HERE and select membership to reach out to our Membership Chair.

We offer many different membership categories to allow for wide variety of being part of our community. The following membership categories allow for a varied level of individual, family and social only membership levels.


  • Full, age 31+: $660
  • Full, age 19-30: $550
  • Family: $858 (includes spouse and children under 19 years of age, 2 votes)
  • Social: $198 (no rowing or voting)
  • Associate: $319 (restricted to those who have been full or family members for 5+ years, and now live 100+ miles away from Vesper; requires approval)
  • Limited: $330 (3 month, no voting)

Current Members

Membership Renewal

To renew your membership please click below and follow the process. If you have any questions please contact the Membership Chair by clicking HERE.

Locker Rooms

Members wishing to request a locker may contact:

Our locker room policies are meant for a healthy, clean, and equitable use of our facilities by everyone. Member's utilizing our locker rooms must abide by these policies.


iCrew Mobile App - On Water Logs & Boat Reservations

We have transitioned to using the iCrew mobile app for all club boat reservations, on water logging, and during COVID19, any access or use of the club's facilities whatsoever.

Please click below for information about downloading, installing and using the iCrew app.


Information Update

We request that each member update their information to the club so that we can provide the best information, equipment and activities to our club as possible

Mobile App Electronic Key Access

The Vesper Club house has controlled access, only members in good standing, and authorized personnel are permitted entry. Please click below for directions on downloading and using the mobile electronic key map to access the club