Vesper Boat Club Well Represented at 2014 World Championships

The 2014 World Rowing Championships in Amsterdam, Netherlands will feature a few familiar faces from Vesper Boat Club. This is the largest contingent of rowers to have worn the V on their backs since the mid-80s. They will depart Philadelphia on August 15th to compete in the regatta from August 22nd-August 31st.

2014 US M1x Yohann Rigogne (Photo: Erik Dresser/Row2k)

On August 3rd, Yohann Rigogne won the USRowing Trials for the M1x with a 6:52 at Mercer Lake to take the bid to represent the United States. This is Yohann’s first US Team, but has previously been to both the Junior and U23 championships, representing France. Yohann returned to Vesper in January of 2014, and has hit the ground running for Vespers international presence on the mens side.

2014 USA LW4x (Photo: Erik Dresser/Row2k)

Yohann will join the LW4x, which was also built from Vesper’s resources, and features long time Vesper member Mary Jones. This is also her first National Team but has previously been in the A final of 2 National Selection regattas and has won the Head of the Charles in the LW1x, the LW4+, LW8+. Other members in this boat include Hillary Saeger, a 4 time Senior National teamer from Riverside Boat Club, Sarah Giancola 1st team from GMS, and Kristin Hedstrom from CRC an 8-time national teamer and a 2012 Olympian in the LW2x.

Also at World Championships with Vesper allegiance will be Lifetime Member Vicky Opitz who won Gold in the Womens 8+, in 2013, in a world’s best time time of 5:54. Vicky will be competing again in the Womens 8+ for 2014. Alongside Vicky, her college and Vesper teammate Grace Latz will compete in the Womens 4x. This is Grace’s first National Team, but she has the distinction of holding both the 2k and 6k erg record at Vesper, and is heading into Worlds this year with a silver medal in her pocket from 2014 World Cup 2.

Leading this group of athletes overseas will be coaches John Parker and Sean Clarke; hired by Vespers Racing Committee for the specific goal of a successful international presence.