First Annual Fall Fundraiser: Prom!


Please join us at 7pm on Saturday, October 6 for our first annual fall fundraiser event to raise money for equipment (for everyone!) and the HP team!

This year the theme is Prom – Have a fancy outfit you never get to wear anywhere? Still have your old prom dresses or a bridesmaid dress you’d love to wear again, either because it is lovely or hideously great? Well, now’s the time! Dress up in your finest attire (you choose the era and definition of “finest” ?) and come to Vesper for an evening of dancing and throwback fun, complete with photos and some spiked punch (and snacks of course).

Tickets are $50 (if purchasing online, an additional $4 for processing is required) and all proceeds go towards the fundraising efforts which benefit the entire club (new club boats anyone?!). Of course, cash or check is accepted at the door.