Signing Up and Registering For a Vesper Boat Club Bluetooth Key

Register your phone
1. Download and open the VizPin SMART app. There are versions for android and iOS phones.
2. Fill in your last name and first name,
3. Important: Fill in your E-MAIL ADDRESS.
4. For “organization”, enter Vesper Boat Club (ALL THREE WORDS!)
5. You will get a text message with a link. Follow the link to register your phone.
6. Close the VizPin app.

E-mail us your phone number and request a key
1. e-mail your name and cell phone number to keys dot vbc dot house at gmail dot com with the words “VizPin key request” in the subject line.
2. We will issue a key and notify you via e-mail, usually within 24 hours.
3. Your phone will receive the key, usually within 5 minutes of issue.
4. To see the key, open the VizPin App. You’ll see a green key icon with the words Vesper Boat

Using your phone as your key
1. To open the front door, your phone has to have internet access and Bluetooth has to be on.
2. When you are within about 30 feet of the door, open the VizPin app.
3. Tap the green key icon. The icon will rotate, and you will hear the door release. (It’s a soft thud).
4. You need to refresh your key periodically; this requires internet access. The electronic key expires after about 4 hours, and the key icon will turn red. Hit the refresh icon (clockwise arrow in the upper right corner), and the key icon will turn green.


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