Equipment For Sale

2014 USA LW4x (Photo: Erik Dresser/Row2k)

Vesper Boat Club is selling the following boats, all of which have been—and are—stored indoors:

70kg 1x 2004 Filippi. Aluminum riggers. $5,500obo. Race ready! Photos of this standard rigger 70kg Filippi 1x.

90kg 2-/2x 2015 Vespoli VHP32. Aluminum wing rigger. $11,999 LESS THAN 300 MILES Photos of this Heavyweight Vespoli 2-/2x.

60kg 2x 2010 Filippi F36. Carbon tube riggers. $12,500obo. Photos of this carbon tube rigger 60kg Filippi 2x.

60kg 2x 2007 Filippi F36. Aluminum 3-stay riggers. Batlogic footstretchers. $7,000. Photos of this standard rigger 60kg Filippi 2x.

60kg 4x 2014 WinTech. Aluminum wing riggers. $14,000. VERY LOW MILES. Photos of this wing rigger 60kg WinTech 4x.


If you are interested in purchasing any of the equipment listed, please contact